Slack Community

Our online community is the heart of our organization. We use a social program called Slack to run our organization and create deeper friendships with each other.

Conversations are organized by topics called "channels." There are channels for programming, games, literature, photography, music, and many other of our members' varied interests.

Vidette Makes Meetup

Let's get together and talk about making! Expect to meet new friends and enjoy informal presentations on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the vocational disciplines, the arts, and the skilled crafts. This group is open to anyone with an interest in learning something new.

Filament Recycling

We're creating a Precious Plastic workspace! Our goal is to recycle waste plastic from 3D printing at schools, libraries, and other educational organizations into usable filament. This will allow students in our area to see the whole engineering process, from design to prototype to recycling.

We sponsored a senior design project at Valparaiso University in 2020. The student team designed and built an extrusion machine based on the open-source Precious Plastic design, and designed a spooling machine to create filament from the extruded plastic. We are currently scheduling on-site recycling demos at educational events.